SmartLogin (Minecraft)

This plugin aims to recreate the authentication system as experienced on mobile devices. Instead of the normal text-based login system, a user is now required to enter in a unique sequence of numbers and use this as their password. The plugin is mainly aimed at server owners who have set their online mode to false (such as in “cracked” Minecraft networks), but also if you would like increased security for your server, to ensure your players are not vulnerable to potential hackers.

Easy setup (Developed for any type of server, and does not depend on any other plugin in order to work).
Professional, bug-free and highly configurable.
Excellent support staff, tutorials (documentation) and support videos – to ensure you are able to successfully setup the plugin.
Constantly updated in an effort to ensure there are no bugs.
Unlimited accounts able to be created, with an easy to understand accounts file to keep track of your players.
The option of allowing players to decide whether they want to register an account or not.
Automatic player support, no administration needed.

Place the “SmartLogin.jar” file into your “plugins” folder.
Run your server, a “SmartLogin” folder will be created in your “plugins” folder, with two files, a “config.yml” and “accounts.yml”.
If you browse the “config.yml” file in the “SmartLogin” folder, you will be able to manipulate multiple settings. The file is explored in more detail below.
The “accounts.yml” file will initially be empty, however when a player registers an account, it will be immediately updated.