Simple Scroll-Snap (Unity3D)

“Simple Scroll-Snap” is an elegantly designed, intuitive solution that allows for elements within a ScrollView to be snapped to, offering a wide range of customization options.

Fixed (Horizontal/Vertical) or Free movement system.
Optional Automatic Layout system.
Optional Infinite Scrolling system.
Navigate between panels using Swipe Gestures, a Pagination and/or Next and Previous buttons.
Easily implement Transition Effects (adjusting panels’ scale, rotation, opacity etc.) using functions with respect to displacement from the center.
Change to snap to the Nearest, Previous or Next panel.
Define Threshold Swipe and Snap Speeds to best fit your requirements.
Assign methods to be invoked while a panel is being selected, is selected, is being changed or has changed.
… and much more!

Three example projects (macOS Finder (File Explorer), Slot Machine, Pinned Map)
Ready-to-use prefabs (Scroll-Snap, Pagination)
In-depth offline documentation

In the event you are unable to find the information you are looking for or have found a bug, please feel free to send me an email ( and I will get back to you as soon as possible.