Ingenuity (iOS/Android)

Ingenuity is an action-pack puzzle and adventure game that encourages you to constantly think outside of the box in order to complete the tons of tricky levels. Unlike any game on the app store, Ingenuity shines with its entirely unique game-play. Ingenuity is paid to download and play, and some of the items in-game may be purchased with real money. This feature may be disabled in the settings menu under in-app purchases. If you are considering purchasing an in-game item, an internet connection is required at the opening of the game.

Ponder for hours on end solving the over 100 challenging levels
Fully functioning economy and starring system
Stunning cartoon-like graphics
In-app purchases in order to buy in-game cash
A soundtrack that will stick
Tons of hilarious Easter Eggs

If you are experiencing bugs or just need help, contact us at our designated email address: I will respond within a week as I am a single developer who is still in school.

Currently unavailable to download.